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6 Jul 2017

1 Pound Meals Cookbook

by Mr Gary Bradshaw

-DOWNLOAD BOOK 1 Pound Meals Cookbook

A Cookbook with a difference, £1 pound for 2 meals? Store up to 3 weeks of food and cut out everyday chopping & preparing. Or Simply use the Ingredients for 2 Persons & Enjoy Easy Cheap to Cook Meals. The Simple instructions will allow you to take back a bit more time in your life, and the price will give you more money in your pocket. The food menus in this book are simple Step by Step, Easy to follow instructions and are used by myself and all my friends. It is simple and easy to stock up meals for 3 weeks, this way it is a lot less time-consuming. I feel the days of adding too many spices and ingredients to a meal are a lot of my and your...