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1 Jul 2017

B.S.A. A50 & A65 Twin 1962

by Mixy Wright

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This book is a companion for the B.S.A. A50 & A65, 500cc & 650cc Unit Construction Parallel Twins, models from 1962 to 1965, covering A50 Star, Cyclone Road, Cyclone Competition, A65 Star, Rocket, Thunderbolt Rocket, Lightening Rocket, Spitfire Hornet and Clubman Models. Chapters include: Introduction, engine and frame numbers, factory service arrangements, general data, lubrication, engine, carburetter and carburation, frame and fittings, front forks, wheels, brakes and tyres, electrical equipment, service tools. Detailed drawings and servicing procedures for all models over 232 pages.

B.S.A. A50 & A65 Twin 1962 book ...